What happens when you use the wrong ink cartridge?

A study compiled by the Gartner Group, indicates that 90% of companies do not know how many printers they have in their business, or the costs associated with their printing!1 With several printers, in different departments, this statistic remains remarkably accurate across industries and businesses of various sizes. In addition, the number of choices can make the process of buying replacement ink toners and cartridges confusing, for businesses as well as individuals at home. Therefore, take care when replacing those empty ink cartridges, otherwise you could find yourself facing the following problems.

Wasted Money

Costing from R150 to approximately R5 000, replacement ink cartridges are not cheap. Purchasing the wrong cartridge for your printer, will obviously affect your pocket. Some stores may not allow you to return the incorrect cartridge if it is already opened, not to mention the added costs of going back to the store and the downtime.

Take care to ensure you buy the correct ink cartridge. Cartridge Depot has a comprehensive list that matches your printer to the correct low-cost generic alternative.

You’ll damage your printer

The basic ink cartridge consists of simply the plastic moulding also known as the tank, however, cartridge case designs vary greatly from one printer to another, not only in terms of brand, but printer size as well. The cartridges for one brand typically don’t fit inside another.2

A good indication that you may have the wrong ink cartridge, is the level of difficulty to install the cartridge into your printer. A correct cartridge simply slots into the cavity with little effort. However, if you force a cartridge in place, you could damage both the cartridge and the printer.

In addition, if you unwittingly switch the ink cartridges around in a printer, you could also damage your printer, or find that all your printouts will be stained.

Minimise printing problems with Cartridge Depot

According to the Ray Morgan Company for Document Technology Solutions, approximately 40 to 60% of IT help desk calls are print related: Most IT professionals refer to office printing as “the bane of computing”.1

Before you buy your replacement ink cartridges, make sure you do your research. Check your printer, or printer’s manual for the exact ink refill numbers you need. Then ask our Cartridge Depot experts online, or at a Cartridge Depot store near you for the replacement ink cartridges, or for the low-cost Eclipse cartridges for your printer.


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