Did you know that having a print strategy in place that effectively monitors and manages your company printing can provide you a cost saving of up to 30%1?

Many companies and small businesses want to make as much money as possible without having to worry about the mundane tasks of maintaining their printers. That is why, at Cartridge Depot, we have a state-of-the art Managed Print Services (MPS) department whose job it is, to take care of your printing, printer and ink cartridge replacement needs. This lets you concentrate on your company’s core activities while we streamline your business’ print management and minimise associated capital costs.

If reducing the associated costs of this business aspect is a priority, look no further than MPS – the cost-effective way of making the transition to a paperless environment. Here are three good reasons to outsource your MPS.

Reduce paper waste and increase your savings
Experts estimate that an average employee uses about 10 000 sheets of paper annually, while companies increase their usage by 30%.

By centralising your printing using Cartridge Depot MPS, you immediately reduce paper waste. Even if the number of printed documents doesn’t change, the amount of wasted paper should decline. MPS also tends to promote more efficient paperless processes just by changing the way paper printouts are generated.

Get reliable uptime
If you have to rely on a manufacturer to service leased equipment, it could be days or weeks until you get your printer back online. With our MPS, you are contracting with a company that has the service staff and spare parts on hand. Our contract can include a maintenance clause guaranteeing timely service to avoid downtime.

Improve productivity
Many small and medium businesses simply do not have the resources to devote to print management. Sometimes, this is left to untrained staff who have their own full-time roles and problems can arise in the middle of a big project which can adversely affect productivity3.

Thus, having an MPS supplier, like Cartridge Depot, removes this burden from your team, freeing their time for core initiatives like growing your business.

Contact Cartridge Depot for your MPS solution

As a trusted brand in the ink and toner cartridges and MPS industry, our expert technicians will regularly monitor your machine and paper usage. Using advanced tracking technology, we ensure that you’re notified when you’re running low on toner or supplies, or when your equipment needs to be serviced. Supplies and equipment replacement are covered in your MPS programme with no additional charges or expenses!

Contact us now for your MPS solution – it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. On receiving your information one of our sales executives will meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements. We will determine the most effective solution for your business then supply you with a printer/multi-function device on contract to take care of all your printer cartridges, services and repairs.


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