Why should you print in colour? Here are seven reasons for you to consider:

Black and white printing is not necessarily cheaper!

 Most of us believe that the best practice to save money is to print everything in black and white. There is this illusion in households and offices that printing in black in white is the way forward due to the thought associated with colour printing.

Whilst printing in black in white the cost can be less BUT if it goes wrong we often see pages and pages of printing paper and printer cartridges go to waste just because there is less care taken when printing proof pages!

Quite a few business use colour printing to ensure quality and brand recognition when it comes to business profiles and brochures. This ensures that employees get it right the first time, much more care goes into preparing and printing the documents. Printing once in colour can save you much more money than constant re-printing black and white pages which goes to the trash any way!

 Landing a good first impression

If you are printing school projects, your resume or company profile, printing it in colour will definitely give you a colourful first impression! If you have a clean and colourful eye catching document which is printed at a good resolution you can show that your work carries

Whether it’s a piece of coursework for school or university or an office document to a potential customer, colour printing allows you to make a positive first impression. By having your documents optimised with some eye-catching colours which are printed at a good resolution on paper, you can show your work carries self-worth and professionalism.

Improved readability with colour

 Make your work more readable by selecting the right colours. Everything is not black and white so why should you assessments or company profiles be? Stand out from the crowed and choose complimenting colours for your work. Effort speaks recognition so print those special documents in colour.

Encourage Learning

Colours helps you to stimulate your memory! Teachers across the world uses colour printing posters to engage with their students and to encourage learning.

Colour printed text books are much more exciting to read than black and white copies. By using colourful images it is easier to explain some information than just using plain text.

Get your office mood right!

Starring at 4 white walls each and every day can drain your energy and will definitely decrease your creativity! Colour psychology can be used in the office to promote different ways of thinking and at the end of the day your business can profit from it! Print and frame a few pictures or posters and bright up your office space. Colour promotes positive attitudes!



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