5 Simple Printer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Machine in an Excellent Working Condition

Your printer(s) plays an important role in your office and or home based business. Printing at third party companies can cost you a fortune and can be very time consuming. It is a hassle to maintain your printer which you don’t use frequently but it can avoid those printer ‘fits’ when you need to print urgently!

1. Use your printer more frequently
If you don’t use your printer regularly the ink cartridge can dry up and cause various obstacles for your business or home based office. If you don’t need to print frequently, consider using a laser printer. Laser printers use heat to fuse the powder onto paper which means the powder in the cartridge cannot dry up.

2. Prevent printer break downs and clean your printer head
High standard printing is an essential part of a successful business that is why maintaining your printer performance is important. Any machine irrelevant of which model it is can break down if you don’t take proper care of it especially when using an inkjet printer.

3. Take caution when replacing your cartridges
It happens that you are in a hurry to print a document and need to replace your cartridges so you just force them in your printer! Caution must be exercised when replacing cartridges. Do not touch the bottom of the cartridge because it may spoil the quality of your printouts. If your printer is new to you, read the instructions carefully before replacing the cartridges and keep the instruction manual safely.

4. Keep your printer clean and dust free
Dust your printer off once in a while. Dust and dirt can easily get into the smaller parts of your printer. Dust off your printer with a clean soft cloth or by using a mild alcohol cleaning solution. If you don’t use your printer regularly consider covering it with a dust net to prevent dust and dirt getting into it.

5. Use the latest software and drivers
Updating to the latest software and drivers is more important than you might think. Keep up to date by installing the latest drivers from the manufacturers. This will help you keep your printer in a good working condition. Not sure where to find the latest drivers? Have a look on the manufactures website.

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