In a market place where printer cartridges and printers are screaming for the buyers’ attention, consumers need to be careful and not buy products that will not deliver on their mandate and result in a good return on investment. Thus, it is important that, when you shop around for either printer cartridges or a printer, both should serve you for the long haul. The bottom line is that upon your purchase of either, you must be able to say that you have saved money by choosing complimenting printer cartridges and printer. Let us dwell more on how you can make this a reality below.

According to Digital Trends [1], an online platform that reviews various aspects about the tech world, the most important question to ask before investing in either a printer or printer cartridges is to ask yourself what, and how much, do you plan on printing. This applies to both home and business printers. At Cartridge Depot, we can help you determine which ink or toner cartridge will be best for your printer.

Inkjet or laser printer?

We are briefly going to touch on the two basic and most common types of printers. Inkjet printers are often affordable and compact but they tend to print at a slower speed than laser printers and the liquid toner cartridges often produce lower page yields. Depending on your print volumes, this may necessitate a frequent replenishment of the cartridges. Essentially, inkjet printers are perfect for home or small office use if you only print low or medium quantities of documents daily.

Laser printers are ideal for medium to higher volume printing. Traditionally, they cost more but the latest trends show that this is no longer the case with the rise of multi-function printers. They produce more pages-per-minute but replacing the toner cartridges will also cost you more. Laser toner cartridges will yield more pages than most ink jet alternatives [2]. Hence, if you print a high volume of monochrome or colour documents, or have a frequent need to print high-resolution colour images then a laser printer might be a great choice.

How to choose the best printer cartridges for your printer
Some printers require toner or individual ink cartridges while others make use of multiple cartridges.

  • Toner cartridges

On the other end of the spectrum, there are toner cartridges. These have multiple benefits for the home or business user. Top of the list is that toner printing is approximately 10% of the cost of inkjet printing [3]. Although toner cartridges and the laser printers are a lot more expensive to purchase, the cost per page is much better than ink cartridges. In fact, toner consumables in the cartridge can print thousands of high colour pages. Additionally, higher density cartridges can even go beyond thousands. As such, the potential and scope, for toner cartridges, is endless.

  • XL vs. standard cartridge

There is a huge difference between XL and standard cartridges. So, if you are into high-volume printing, then, you should opt for the XL. This gives you more printing pages and will save you time and money.  A standard cartridge is ideal for everyday home general printing or just plain text without photos or photography.

  • Tri-colour vs. individual cartridge

Both cartridges have their pros and cons depending on the usage and what you print. A tri-colour ink cartridge can be costly in the long run because the cartridge won’t work when one ink cartridge runs empty. Thus, you have to replace the whole cartridge and forfeit the remainder of the other ink portion. This is a waste of money and ink. But with the individual cartridge, all you have to do is just replace the one that is already empty.

  • Recycled or re-manufactured ink cartridges

Using a recycled ink cartridge saves money and the environment. Recycled ink cartridges cost less than brand names yet they can produce the same quality and yield of pages just like the expensive brand-names when used properly.

At Cartridge Depot we re-manufacture, import, distribute and sell printer cartridges under our own registered trademark brand (Eclipse™) and we purchase, distribute and sell original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) printer cartridges as well as complementing products like printing paper and memory devices through our own network of Cartridge Depot stores and online via our website.

Now that you know that buying good quality printer cartridges is as important as buying a good printer, leave all your ink, toner cartridges and printer needs to us. We will help you get the ink that is just right for your machine and needs.


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