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What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Service, commonly referred to as MPS, is a service offered by Cartridge Depot to assist businesses with streamlining print management and minimizing Capital costs associated with printing.

Reality is, you have a business to run and there’s always going to be something else that’s more pressing than sorting out printing consumables and printer issues. Having said this, it does not mean it’s not important. Not having a print strategy can cost your businesses a lot of money. It is estimated that print costs can take up anywhere between 1-10 percent of an organization’s revenue.

Managed Print Service, is a very effective way for businesses to outsource the day-to-day services for their printing requirements.

Top benefits of managed print service:

  • Supplies and Maintenance Covered
    • MPS tracks printer use, allowing Cartridge Depot to know when you’re running low on toner or supplies or when you’re in need of service. Supplies, equipment replacement are covered in your MPS program with no additional charges or expenses.
  • Save
    • Having a print strategy in place that effectively monitors and manages your company printing can provide you a cost saving of up to 30%.

How to Implement MPS (Managed Print Services);

On receiving your information one of our sales executives will meet with you to discuss the needs and requirements. This will allow us to scope the most effective solution that takes into consideration customer printing requirements and volumes.

Solution Overview

Cartridge Depot supplies a printer/multi-function device at a fixed monthly fee for a period of 2 years. The monthly fee includes an “x” amount of prints, once this amount is exceeded a cost per print will be charged. The monthly fee also includes all printer cartridges, services and repairs needed on the device.

Our solution provides the following benefits:

  • The customer always has the latest printer technology available at a fixed monthly fee

  • Eliminates large once off printer Capital Cost and huge re-occurring printer cartridge costs.

  • No unexpected repair or service costs as this is included in the monthly fee.

  • No down time as extra cartridges are supplied for large unexpected print volumes. 

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