Cartridge Depot has the capability to re-manufacture inkjet and laser cartridges. 

Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges started as new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of printer ink and toner cartridges. Instead of throwing a perfectly usable and durable plastic shell away to sit in a landfill, we refurbished it to be used again. 

 Steps during the remanufacturing process:

1. Used cartridges are disassembled.

2. Cleaning and inspection of every part during this process is performed by highly trained technicians. 

3. All damaged or worn out parts are replaced. 

4. The cartridges are then filled with the right amount of ink or toner; specified for the printer. 

5. The ink or toner cartridge is then reassembled and sealed to ensure it is leak proof. 

6. All our remanufactured ink and toner cartridges are tested to ensure that they comply with original equipment manufacturers standards before they are packaged for sale.

Benefits of using our remanufactured (Eclipse) cartridges:

 1. Performance – Remanufactured cartridges meet OEM standards which means you get the same page yield. 

2. Quality – Our Remanufactured cartridges meet industry standards so we do not compromise on quality. 

3. Environmentally friendly – Saving energy and plastic waste which means less end up in landfills. 

4. Supporting Local Products – Our Eclipse products are manufactured locally which means job sustainability and incredible savings. 

We have a recycling program in place where clients can take in their old cartridges to any of our stores. Each store has drop boxes where customers can dispose of their old cartridges and can accumulate discount stamps should the cartridges be from the range we stock.

More information about our recycling program please view:

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