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Want to save up to 60% on cartridges for your Kodak printer?
Our Eclipse printer cartridges will provide you with a cost effective solution and will save you up to 60% in comparison with the original brand. Give our Eclipse cartridge a try with your next order. Visit this link for our compatible cartridges: Kodak Compatibles 

Kodak Cartridges
Kodak printers have a history of providing extremely good ink consumption and high number of prints per cartridge. No cartridge will last for ever and you will need a replacement proving you with the exact same quality and prints without compromising on quality!

We offer a few compatible cartridges for the Kodak range that are re-manufacture for the best performance. We offer both black and colour printer cartridges to suit your needs! We offer a 12 month warrantee on all our Eclipse printer cartridges which means you have peace of mind when buying from us!

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