We are all aware that going green is the best way to save our ever diminishing ecosystems and that doing just a little can go a long way. But what if you could do just a little that could go a long way AND get a little something in return?

Save Your Wallet
Save Our Ecosystem

 By recycling you don’t only play a big part in saving our environment, you also save yourself money. Cartridges are made in such a way that almost the entire component can be recycled. So to incentivise you not to throw away your used cartridges, we are willing to put a bit of money right back into your wallet.

All you have to do is recycle your old cartridges from the range that we stock. We will give you a stamp for each cartridge you bring in for recycling.  Once you have collected 10 stamps, you can hand them in and redeem a 5% discount on your next Eclipse cartridge purchase! It’s as simple as that!

So remember not to throw your used cartridges away because that will be the same as throwing money right into the trash. Rather keep them, collect them and convert them into hard cash at Cartridge Depot!





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