In the market for a new printer? Choosing a new printer can be a frustration and a timely matter. To get the most out of your new printer you will need to think about your printing requirements and consider the advantages and disadvantages of the printer options available.

Below, we share a few points between laser and inkjet printers that you can consider when buying a new printer:

  1. Types of printers available
  • Laser Printer – There are two types of laser printers available:
    – Basic document printer
    – Copier/Scanner/Printer (Multi function Printer All-in-one)
    These are available in either mono or colour
  •  Inkjet Printer – There are several types of inkjet printers available
    – Basic document printer
    – Photo Printer
    – Copier/Scanner/Printer (Multi function Printer All-in-one)
    These are only available in colour 
  1. Printer Cartridge Costs
  • Laser Printer – Toner cartridges have a higher page yield compared to ink cartridges. They are more expensive than ink cartridges but print higher volumes, this saves you money in the long run when comparing cost per print.
  • Inkjet Printer – Inkjet cartridges are less expensive but have lower page yields and are for lower volume printing. The cost per print works out more expensive when printing larger volumes as one needs to replace the cartridges more often.
  1. Printing Speed
  • Laser Printer – Laser printers have a higher speed, therefor printing higher volumes will be quicker than inkjet printers.
  • Inkjet Printer – Inkjet printers have a lower print speed, these printers are tailored for printing low volumes.
  1. Size of the Printer
  • Laser Printer – You may require a designated area for your laser printer. Laser printers got smaller over the years due to technology evolving but they are still bulkier than your inkjet printers.
  • Inkjet Printer – Most of the inkjet printers are relatively small and can fit into tight spaces. All in-one inkjet printers are a bit larger but are typically smaller than a laser printer and a normal standard office copy machine.
  1. Cleaning
  • Laser Printer – A laser printer is easier to clean and service. It is less messy compared to inkjet printers. Always make sure you have the right equipment to clean your printer and have your printer serviced by authorised professionals.
  • Inkjet Printer – Cleaning an inkjet printer can be a daunting task. If you do not handle the ink cartridges as instructed they may leak in the printer and cause printing problems. Also be sure to have the machine well maintained and serviced by authorised professionals.

When choosing between an inkjet and laser printer one will need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each. You would also need to carefully distinguish your needs.  If low volume or photo printing is what you need an inkjet printer would work best. If needing a high volume, multi-function machine, laser would be the best option.



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