Understanding printed page coverage can be confusing. The terminology associated with printing can make it even more unclear especially when it states a printer cartridges will give you 5% coverage.

What is 5% page coverage?

The number of pages you can expect to print with our Eclipse printer cartridges can vary depending on what you print, but just how much it can vary is not always made clear.

For the assistant printing minutes of a business meeting where it is a standard document and no images associated to it you will be able to get close to the page yields associated to the printer cartridge. For the project manager or analyst who will be printing lots of text and images such as pie charts and power point slides, the coverage will be more which will mean you will not get as much prints from your printer cartridge.

It is important to remember that the page yields we give you refers to the maximum amount of pages you are likely to print. 5% Coverage does not sound like a lot but it is important to remember that a solid block of colour can give you more printed text. You need understand the page coverage differences and weigh it up to what you will most likely be printing.



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